I’ve been away from technical blogging for a while, and I’m overdue to jump back in. I used to blog on MSDN blogs. You can see some of my older posts about my past work on the Windows printing stack there.

I’ve since moved on to different things, and currently work as an engineering lead at Microsoft focused on the developer experience for Windows. My team helps ensure that programming languages that people love can be used to create great software that runs on the Windows family of devices. You can see (or participate in) one of my team’s latest projects, a cross-language interop system, here: https://github.com/Microsoft/xlang

I’ll use this space to post about various topics related to programming & debugging. I have a love of cookies, Lego’s and the outdoors. Those things are also likely to leak into this blog as well. I also (sporadically) blog about cooking topics on foodisveryimportant.com, a blog my wife and I maintain.

Ben Kuhn

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