Windows 10 passes Windows 7

This showed up in my news summary today.

It’s great to see that we’ve finally beaten ourselves again. Every so often a release is just so robust & well received, it sets a high water mark that’s hard to surpass. It turns out that in software, much like in politics, getting the basics right counts for way more than doing new cool things. Windows XP (SP2+) got the basics right. Vista didn’t. Windows 7 got the basics right, and has been an entrenched release despite getting quite dated by now, and 8 was so bad we skipped 9 just to distance ourselves from it (that’s a joke).

Windows 10 took three years to earn its throne. For reference, Windows 7 took about 18 months, according to this old article I was able to dig up.

Windows 10 has had a few bumps along the way, but on the whole it’s been a great product, so this is a milestone that I’m happy to finally see that we’ve reached.


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